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Audyssey, makers of high quality speakers for companies such as IMAX and Jaguar, have recently released their new Lower East Side Media Speakers. The Speakers, compatible with any device that has an optical output or 3.5mm jack, are for the audiophile in us all.  With crisp clear high’s, and desk shaking bass, these speakers pack a huge punch in a small package. Check out my review after the jump.


The Audyssey Lower East Side Media Speakers, named for the LES of Manhattan, for its rich music history and legendary history that helped shape the American Sound, are very true to their namesake. These speakers pack a huge punch in a small size. Weighing in at roughly 3.5 lbs each and with dimensions of 9.3” x 5” x 6”, these are not the smallest desktop speakers you will find, but I’m willing to bet they may be the best sounding.

Now the size is slightly big for a pair of desktop speakers, but that’s not a problem. These speakers weren’t designed just for your computer. These speakers also work great for a MP3 player, Laptop’s, desktops, and even your home TV. No matter if it is your living room, bedroom, or game room these speakers provide excellent sound coverage for your listening needs.

Each LES Media Speakers is composed of a .75” silk-dome tweeter, a 3.5” woofer, and a 4” passive bass radiator. The Speakers include Audyssey’ Smart Speaker audio technology that produces a near flawless sound and any volume. You can connect these speakers to your audio devices via either the Digital optical audio input, or a 3.5mm line input. Have friends over and want to listen to your music and not bother them? The LES speakers have a built in 3.5mm headphone jack.

You can attach your iDevice, any MP3 player, Apple TV, Computer, Home TV, Gaming system, Roku, Rockford Fosgate DMP1, or any other device that has either an optical output or 3.5mm jack. This makes the possibilities of these speakers endless.

These speakers filled my house with clear and crisp music from Slacker Radio streamed from my home computer. Even with the volume turned up there was little or no distortion noticed. Even with moderate bass in the music.

These speakers, while retailing at near the $200 mark, are worth every penny. With a sound that is tough to match by even the highest priced speakers, and the ability to listen to your music from almost any device, the Lower East Side Media Speakers are a must have product

You can order your speakers from either or The Apple Store. The MSRP is $249.99 and if you buy if from either of those stores the price is $199.99. So if you’re in the market for new speakers,  be sure to check out Audyssey before making your purchase.  Also check out the Audyssey web site for all their other great products.



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SOURCE: AUDYSSEY via Gizmofusion

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