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There is nothing more frustrating than a slow PC, especially when you’re trying to juggle several programs and files at once. When it takes your computer half a minute to save a document – distracting you from efficiently finishing your tasks – then you know something is bogging down your computer.

It could be essential information is scattered across your system with files in a million different places forcing your computer to waste time searching for these important files. It could be that you have a lot of junk files clogging up the system. Or maybe you have security issues that have caused your computer to slow.

There are ways you can clean your computer and help it run smoother. Start by running a registry cleaner like ARO 2011 to clean up your computer’s files, remove errors and perform a security check. The cleaner will:

  1. Analyze 13 areas of the Windows registry for errors and fix these errors to leave the PC cleaner.
  2. Clean up and remove junk files that may be slowing things down. Your recycle bin, shortcuts folder, temporary files and even your thumbnails all eat up space on your PC.
  3. Run a scan and check to make sure all the antispyware, antivirus and firewall features on your computer are installed and up-to-date. Often users will forget to renew or purchase antimalware products, leaving their PC wide open for viruses and spyware. With a quick check, ARO 2011 will confirm that you have up-to-date security software running to help protect your computer.
  4. Perform registry tweaks to help increase PC efficiency and provide a potential boost to the performance of the PC.


p>If you’re having slow performance on your PC, download a free trial of ARO 2011 at, which will identify and fix up to 100 registry errors on your computer. It will also clear your temporary Internet files and provide you with a baseline security check.

Don’t let a slow PC drag you down and distract you from finishing your work. Get it cleaned up and running quickly in no time.

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