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Google-Voice-Icon-300x300It would seem that Google is slowly rolling out MMS features to their Google Voice users.

While apparently only for Sprint users right now the feature does hint at a promise of things to come.

Attachments should appear in email and on the forwarding phones.

I hope they roll out to ATT soon Smile

Check below for the announcement from Google.

“MMS has been one of the constant feature requests since we launched Google Voice and we’ve been hard at work trying to make this happen.
Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve made the first step in our efforts to bring this feature to our users. Google Voice users are now able to receive pictures and other multimedia messages from Sprint subscribers. The multimedia attachments will display on their mobile forwarding phone and in their email inbox when they enable text to email forwarding in their Google Voice settings. We are also planning on making them display in the Google Voice inbox.
We are working with other mobile operators to make this work across all mobile phones and will update our users as more and more operators offer support for this.”