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268906-pogoplug-mobilePogoplug has gone through a few evolutions, they’ve had their problems, they’ve made their changes but in the end they’ve listened to their customers.

The whole idea behind Pogoplug is to take the monthly costs out of cloud storage, put it in your control and bring it home.

The Pogoplug Mobile is the latest incarnation in the Pogoplug line of devices. The Mobile is a slick little box that connects to your home Internet Router. Connect some type of storage (either via USB and/or an SD Card) to it and you’re pretty well good to go.

Priced at $79.99, the Pogoplug Mobile has no monthly fees and no limits.
Just pay for the device, once. Pay for your storage, once. That’s all.

With the Pogoplug mobile you can free up your iPhone, iPad or Android device by storing your movies, music and images on your cloud.
Share your media with family and friends, make it all instant and private.

What can the Pogoplug Mobile do?

  • Stream entire libraries of music, movies, and photos to an iPhone, iPad, or Android device.
  • Automatically sync files across all of your computers and mobile devices.
  • Free you from storage limits
  • Automatically backup all photos and videos taken using your mobile device over your Wifi or cellular connection.
  • Work seamlessly with the Pogoplug Desktop software (it’s not just for mobile devices)

It’s all easy enough to set up too.
Whip the device out of the box, plug it all in, find the SD Card slot and insert an SD Card.
Log onto the site and activate your device.  As if by magic the site checks and sees the device and you’re all ready to go.
Install the Desktop software and apps – you’re all set.

Along with your own storage devices, sitting in your home – Pogoplug gives you 5 gigs of online storage for free with your Pogoplug account.

Think about it – you’ve turned your 16 gig iPhone into a 37 gig device just by adding a Pogoplug Mobile and a 16 gig SD Card!

It works too – I’ve had a Pogoplug running on my network for some time now and the Pogoplug Mobile is a great addition.

Check out
Download the Pogoplug app for your iPhone
Download the Pogoplug app for your Android Device


Here’s the Press Release.

Pogoplug Introduces Free Cloud Storage for Mobile Phones

Share and Stream Directly From Your Phone

San Francisco, California – November 14, 2011 – Pogoplug, creators of the award-winning line of streaming and sharing devices, today unveiled a new service: Pogoplug Cloud. The service provides users with a secure online space to store personal content and instantly share and stream it from their mobile device. Users sign up directly from any mobile phone, tablet or web browser and immediately receive their free 5GB Pogoplug Cloud.

Pogoplug is the only service to offer infinite expansion. Users can purchase additional online storage from Pogoplug, or host a private, unlimited cloud for no monthly fees by buying a Pogoplug box and connecting it to a home or office network.

Pogoplug Cloud enables users to:

1. Store: Automatically upload photos and videos from your mobile phone to your Pogoplug Cloud—no sync required.

2. Share: Instantly share anything in your cloud through email, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Create shared folders and collaborate with friends and colleagues.

3. Stream: Stream HD videos, photos and music from your Pogoplug Cloud to your phone.

“Mobile users are asking for more storage for their devices,” said Daniel Putterman, CEO and co-founder of Cloud Engines. “We designed Pogoplug Cloud to give everyone the freedom to interact with all of their personal content straight from their mobile phone.”

Pricing and Availability

Pogoplug offers 5GB of free cloud storage. 50GB and 100GB of additional cloud storage are available for $9.95/month and $19.95/month, respectively. Pogoplug Cloud is available today at Pogoplug’s iOS and Android apps are FREE and available for download in the iTunes Store and Android Marketplace. The full range of Pogoplug hardware and software products are available at


· Pogoplug product site:

· iPhone / iPad app:

· Android app:

· Pogoplug blog:

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