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SmartOps Corporation, an enterprise-class supply chain optimization solutions provider, announced the availability of the SmartOps Analytics and Intelligence Module (AIM).

The last two decades have seen significant technical advances in data storage and handling. As a result, companies now have massive amounts of data available for analysis, without efficient means to use it effectively. SmartOps AIM provides a brand new way to view supply-chain key operating parameters and performance data.

The solution is also resold by SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) as the SAP® Enterprise Inventory Optimization application by SmartOps, option for analytics. The new SmartOps module leverages the SAP® BusinessObjects™ Business Intelligence platform with a pre-configured data universe and reports for common workflows including Sales &Operations Planning, supply-chain performance monitoring, executive dashboards, and ad-hoc reporting.

“Our analytics capabilities help planners focus on large amounts of supply chain data by allowing them to drill down to detailed levels via flexible filtering and charting capabilities,” said Martin Barkman, president and CEO of SmartOps. “SmartOps AIM provides visibility to all levels of a supply-chain organization. It introduces an intuitive and focused mechanism to describe the current state of supply-chain performance, predict future outcomes, and prescribe the best action to meet strategic goals.”

The SmartOps Analytics and Intelligence Module allows users to perform the following: Capture the reality of forecasting performance and trends with the Demand Analytics Dashboard Gain visibility into demand, inventory and supply projections with the Target Performance Dashboard Facilitate strategic supply chain analysis with the Scenario Comparison Dashboard

“The new release of SmartOps Analytics and Intelligence Module, also available from SAP as SAP Enterprise Inventory Optimization, option for analytics, gives customers the opportunity to gain increased visibility into supply-chain dynamics and performance,” said Hans Thalbauer, senior vice president, Line of Business Solutions for Supply Chain, SAP. “In partnership with SmartOps, SAP is providing customers true end-to-end enablement, helping them proactively achieve greater productivity and profitability from their supply chains.”


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