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Stockbase POS Software

It may just be me, but I think of the Internet in very…English terms.

Not that I’m not a global or a very cultured person. I even like to think of myself as rather open minded but when it comes to the Internet it’s all English to me.
I’ve even taught classes on the globality of the Internet.

This is why it made my smile when a link to a free Point of Sale application came across my desk. It’s a Spanish edition of a piece of software.

Used by more than 10,000 companies in 21 countries and more than 57,000 licenses sold, the EGA Futura POS software is a well designed solution for managing stock, inventory, customers, suppliers, purchasing, billing and more.

While it’s great to see Free Cloud based Business Management Software it’s even better to see a thriving community behind the software.  EGA Futura has a responsive Technical Support Forum. There’s even a company instagram account!

For free software, this suite looks remarkably good and works very well. It’s friendly and intuitive with a very short learning curve.
The easily visible icons in the POS window are self explanatory and the view isn’t clean and well presented.

So -if you’re in Latin America and are looking for Cloud Based CRM in Spanish, you really should check out EGA Futura’s Stockbase POS.

Check out the Company website here


Download the software for free here



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