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REDMOND, Wash. – Jan. 23, 2013 – Attention weekend warriors! The mentalKase for the iPhone 4/4S and 5 is now available on Kickstarter, and guarantees to be the perfect companion for the high-flying adventurers, tenacious trail-blazers and outdoor thrill-seekers. Developed using patented multi-layer TPU and EVA foam, the mentalKase is a triple threat: shock resistant, antibacterial and buoyant.

“mentalKase is for the extreme in all of us,” said Noah Ullman, co-founder and Chief mentalKase. “In one way or another, we all lead extreme lives – some of us are extreme athletes, pushing physical boundaries, some of us are musically gifted, some of us have extreme work. All of us have to find balance in our hectic lives. mentalKase offers the ability to have a worry-free approach to taking your iPhone with you while doing the things you love.”

Designed as a secondary case for weekend adventures, mentalKase’s design allows users to insert and remove the iPhone as many times as necessary without losing its shape – ensuring a snug and secure fit every time.

mentalKase features a two-part component system with three usage modes:
Case only – Use the impact resistant case as a standalone item. Made of protective foam and TPU, the case fits snuggly onto the iPhone and provides ultimate protection against drops and scratches.
Case in base, face out – Use the base with the case facing out giving users access the iPhone’s touch screen while attached to a backpack, bag or other gear.
Case in base, face in – Stow the case facing into the foam base to protect the screen but still allowing access to the 3.5mm jack – perfect while hiking, biking, rock climbing and more.
The adventure-friendly base component of the mentalKase features a double-duty foam loop. Made of virtually indestructible foam, the loop serves to attach a carabineer to easily hook mentalKase to a hiker’s backpack or climbing gear. It also doubles as a snug stand for the iPhone for hands-free calls, FaceTime chatting and more.

mentalKase is offering three early bird specials – $45 for an iPhone 4/4S case (first 200 backers), $50 for an iPhone 5 case (first 200 backers) or $90 (first 200 backers) for an iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 case.

For the full list of pledges, please visit the mentalKase Kickstarter page.

mentalKase is expected to ship March 2013.

For more on mentalKase, visit Kickstarter, “like” us on and follow us @mentalKase_.

About mentalKase™:
mentalKase, LLC was formed by Aaron Sternberg, Jeff Hansen and Noah Ullman with the belief that foam is a superior material to protect our smart devices. With significant experience in consumer electronics, video games, software, consumer goods and other high tech products – working with or for Microsoft, Skullcandy, LEGO, HASBRO, TouchFire, BDA/PowerA, Logitech, Astro gaming, Lucasflim, Sony, Nintendo, Belkin, iFrogz and calling on most of the biggest retailers around the world, including Best Buy, Walmart, Gamestop, Carrefour, FNAC, Media Markt, Target, Futureshop and many other great companies, the mentalKase team has the background and knowledge to successfully manage product life cycles and rapid growth.

With the amazing number of smartphones and tablets entering the market (IDC predicts 2.1B devices world wide by 2016) mentalKase has an opportunity to carve out a piece of the “ruggedized” protective segment with innovative design, world class manufacturing partners, effective marketing and strong operational discipline. The material advantage of foam will be applied to cases across brands and form factors and is protected by several US and international patents.

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