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C-leveled just took the wraps off C-Xchange, a comprehensive platform for business intelligence and assistance tools. It is accessible from office (web app) or field (iPad app). Both have been developed to deliver a performance scorecard (with KPI’s that are relevant to specific businesses and location). With a minimal amount of information, C-Xchange provides the following:

• in-depth analysis • a network for resources • next-steps documents • a customized dashboard • financial analytics • benchmarking

C-Xchange is available on a SaaS basis to ensure that businesses receive customized assistance and resources relevant to their market and company size.

The C-Xchange IPad App answers important questions all successful businesses ask themselves. How will you achieve your organizational goals? What does your financial forecast look like? Is this company on the path to product and service success?

Developed by C-leveled, a small company in its own right, C-Xchange is all about entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs plan, develop and launch. C-leveled’s SMB offerings have been built from the ground up and they offer subscription-based software services that help small businesses to increase profitability through understanding not only their revenue streams, but their market, visibility and competitive landscape as well.


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