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BALTIMORE, Feb. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The conventional wisdom regarding seniors’ Internet connectedness no longer holds water. According to a report by the Pew Research Center, 53% of seniors use the Internet, with 34% of those visiting social networking sites regularly., a marketing consultancy for senior living communities and senior care agencies, is well prepared to take advantage of the growth of Internet usage among seniors and their adult children. The company utilizes proven techniques equipped with tracking technology to enable clients to measure their marketing return on investment.’s objectives include increasing occupancy, increasing customer value and improving overall marketing efficiency.


“With more seniors and adult children online, current and future marketing strategies must consider how best to reach this user group,” said President Kevin Williams. “Web-savvy seniors and caregivers are using email, search engines and social networking sites every day. This represents an incredible opportunity for senior living communities and senior care agencies to connect directly with their potential customers, which is ultimately beneficial for both parties.”


As the centerpiece of its products and services, provides an Outsourced Marketing Assistant to design and implement a powerful marketing effort. The Outsourced Marketing Assistant handles every aspect of the client’s marketing, from strategy to execution and everything in between. Naturally, reaching potential customers through online channels is an indispensable component of strategy, especially given the Pew Center’s findings. The Outsourced Marketing Assistant can research the appropriate keywords, verbiage and communication channels to reach the greatest number of online seniors.


In addition to offline marketing strategies, provides search engine marketing and website development services. For a senior living community with a tight budget, these are both cost-effective methods for increasing visibility and making impressions on potential customers. Most seniors who go online are regular users of search engines, so this marketing approach promises excellent results. Local search is likewise a hot topic in search engine optimization; local search means that web users are directed to local resources when appropriate.


As part of the company’s core mission, plans to keep looking toward the horizon for the next big thing in lean, smart and effective marketing for senior living communities and senior care agencies.






Baltimore-based was created with two goals in mind. First, the company helps connect caregivers and seniors with local, affordable care options. Second, the company provides senior living communities with the marketing expertise to increase their bottom line and offer more services to more people.




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