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0:29 Facebook Completes Instagram Acquisition
The deal is now done and Facebook says nothing will change – just keep a close eye on those privacy settings. New Kindle and Kindle Fires
Amazon refreshed their Kindle line with three new tablets (one an upsized Fire) and a new Kindle called the Paperwhite that features an illuminated eInk screen.

1:53 Nokia Windows 8 Phones
Despite Windows 8 not yet being available, Nokia is showing off their new Windows handsets, the Lumia 820 and 920.

2:46 Motorola Razr Phones
New Motorola Razr phones are due out September 10th, offering both bigger and smaller models – whatever your hands desire.

3:08 T-Mobile Brings Unlimited 4G
T-Mobile is rolling out unlimited 4G data plans in the U.S., free of throttling, bandwidth caps and overage fees.

4:25 Faucets That Show Water Temperature
The industrial design trend in faucets is toward fixtures that indicate water temperature with colored LEDs.

4:47 Robot Runs Faster Than a Human
A robot called the Cheetah has been clocked on a treadmill running 28.3 miles per hour; the human record is 27.8 miles per hour.

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