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Technology Map - Tutornet

Technology Map – Tutornet (Photo credit: steven w)

(BPT) – Whether you are a college student, working parent or empty-nester, modern life has never been busier. Luckily, a variety of technology innovations are dramatically affecting the way we live, helping us streamline our routines, reduce stress and maximize each minute of the day. Which new technologies are proving to be indispensable?

Here are the current top technology trends that can help you manage your hectic life and enjoy it a little bit more:

Trend 1: Home security in the palm of your hand

Keeping your home and loved ones safe is a top priority, and now new technologies make it easy to stay informed and protect your property and family even when you’re not there. How would you like alerts sent instantly to your phone or computer if a window breaks, a door opens or a pipe bursts? If you have a Honeywell home security system, you can get all this and more when you stay connected through Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services.

Remote services like this use advanced software technology to keep you informed about your property through alerts to your computer, smartphone or tablet. Kids come home early? You can see who is at your door via online video and unlock the door remotely. Keep children and elderly relatives safe by setting up alerts for restricted areas – you’ll know when the liquor cabinet has been opened or a family member leaves the property.

Trend 2: Energy efficiency goes on auto pilot

What was once only imagined in fictional TV shows like the Jetsons is now reality. Homes are quickly becoming more automatic, allowing homeowners to use energy and resources efficiently, which reduces their carbon footprint as well as their utility bill. Lighting, heating, cooling, water use – just about everything your home does can be regulated automatically.

Heating and cooling can easily be automated with a programmable thermostat. Tie it to your Honeywell alarm system so when you set the alarm, the system recognizes you’ve left the house and makes the necessary temperature adjustments. Controlling lighting is simple now too, thanks to remote technology. Forget to turn off the basement light and shut the garage door when you left this morning? Now you can verify through Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services on your smartphone and fix in a few clicks.

Trend 3: Entertainment and learning made easy

The way we watch TV is changing thanks to DVR technology that allows viewers to record shows and watch them when it’s convenient. Plus you can fast-forward through commercials. A DVR can be set to record multiple shows at once and you can even watch your recordings in different locations, whether that’s a TV in another room or on your smartphone while traveling to another state.

How families read and learn is changing too. Today, people of all ages are opting to read ebooks. Rather than trekking to the library, you can now “borrow” books by downloading them online from the comfort of your home. In addition to ebooks, there are literally millions of apps that entertain and educate – today your toddler may learn colors or ABCs on your smartphone or tablet.

Trend 4: Cooking is fun in a futuristic kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a home, and now technology is making this space more efficient than ever. Smart refrigerators now include LED screens with Wi-Fi capabilities. Make grocery lists, access recipes, listen to music and more, all directly from your refrigerator.

Ovens are smarter too – this year you can get an oven with a preprogrammed guide that takes the guesswork out of cooking popular dishes – simply select the recipe from the menu, place the dish inside and the oven does the rest, intuitively cooking the food to perfection and then switching to warming mode until you’re ready to eat.

These technology trends are booming in popularity for good reason – they make modern life easier, enabling us to run our households and day in the most efficient manner possible. Plus, new technology can be a lot of fun to use, too.

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