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At Innovation Works 10th AlphaLab Demo Day and University Preview, Lucky invitees were treated to a sneak peek at some of the technologies featured companies have been developing. CEOs made a case for why their product deserved attention at this informative kick-starter event.

These were the technologies presented during the University Preview.

YZQEKVEW_1367951896246 Lumator is an intelligent, evolving service that is governed by an algorithm  developed at CMU over three years. It’s purpose is to save time, save the  environment, and save residential electricity consumers a significant amount of money. The program is a cloud-based Rate Management service that is constantly tracking user energy preferences and practices. The customer is then given the opportunity to switch suppliers to improve rates. Lumator’s Energy Management service can then assist in modifying consumption patterns for additional savings.

Small lifestyle changes, on top of the personalized rates can result in an estimated 40% reduction in electricity bills. Lumator will be launched in beta this summer.

Submit your email to the website to sign up for notification on the beta program.

EI9DFXDB_1367970517436 Solvvy is another Ask Jeeves. If Jeeves were better, faster, and smarter. One quote I had scribbled during the introduction was, “search is broken.” Key words and page popularity can bury a desired search result.

Troubleshooting can be impossible- problems that are specific can’t be solved by following support sites that only answer basic questions. Solvvy was designed at CMU to be an iPhone app that will ask follow-up questions to clarify your problem. This is expected to be a saving grace for IT techs, auto mechanics, and customer service representatives. Solvvy will be releasing their beta version this summer, and your email address will get you notification of it. A free version will allow you to ask 25 questions a day, but a paid version boasts added features.


Institute of Consultative Bioethics–

Logo ICB aims to “commercialize technology” with their EthAssist care providers, healthcare insurance providers, teaching hospitals, and research programs can utilize this comprehensive, searchable, and user-friendly database.

Comprehensive ethical and legal knowledge will be readily available in practical, professional, educational, and research environments. EthAssist hopes to reduce the misconduct in current healthcare practices, which ICB notes has surpassed both cancer and heart disease in casualties.



EuTalk is a mobile app aimed to provide speech therapy and communication assistance to individuals with permanent or temporary disabilities that inhibit their ability to communicate. An estimated one in ten Americans suffer from communication disorders such as autism, or as a result of a traumatic event such as a stroke. EuTalk is an affordable, adaptive, and easy to use addition to the Augmentive and Alternative Communications market. I can proudly say that the University of Pittsburgh, my personal alma mater, developed this technology and the beta program is scheduled to be launched this month.


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