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Thanks to Jennifer O’Rourke from Elias/Savion Advertising for this great post on how to save your devices from the summer heat.

With a heat advisory in effect for our region, the mobile gadgets in our pockets are suffering from heat exhaustion as well.  An overheated smartphone or tablet can cause damage to the device.

Verizon Wireless recommends these five tips to protect your wireless devices from heat damage this summer:

1.  Store Your Device in the Appropriate Temperature

Avoid keeping devices in environments that get colder than 32 degrees or exceed 95 degrees   Fahrenheit. In addition to upping your risk for battery burn, storing your device in extreme temperatures can shorten battery life and even impair a gadget’s functionality. While in             the car, consider placing your smartphone or tablet on a mounting dock and position it in front of the A/C vent. And remember; never leave wireless devices unattended in your vehicle.


2. Keep Resource-Intensive Apps to a Minimum

Games and apps that stream music may be the most fun, but they’re also the most taxing on    your smartphone’s battery. Keep these to a minimum, and further protect the battery by   limiting the number of open applications. The less strain on the battery, the less heat your gadget will generate. Advanced Task Killer on the Android platform will help monitor apps and help save your battery life.


                3. Turn Off Unnecessary Connections

Your phone’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS antennae all add to the CPU’s workload—especially when your phone only has a few bars and is searching for a stronger signal. When you don’t need these connections, disable them via your phone’s Settings menu.


4. Disable Background Data from Running

Push notifications are great, but like everything else, they add stress to your phone’s CPU and battery. Disable your handset from automatically checking for new e-mails, IMs, and other updates in the Settings menu.


5. Protect Your Skin with a Silicone Case

There’s only so much you can do to limit the amount of heat your handset obtains or emits. A silicone case or a tablet sleeve  is an excellent way to protect your smartphone or tablet from heat damage. Remember to never let a tablet screen sit in the sun unprotected – it can bleach the screen.


Please consider developing a timely story about how users can protect their wireless devices from high temperatures this summer.  Contact me with any questions or if you would like to interview an expert from Verizon Wireless.