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imageI just thought I’d drop a quick post to highlight this wonderful Public Relations Company – they’re focused on the Technology Industry too, making them more than relevant to the site 🙂

Firecracker PR is a relatively new, rather fresh company that offers three services for the price of one – Public Relations, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media Marketing, all for a low monthly fee.

Many companies will focus on one marketing strategy, or they’ll start with selling you one and upsell you to others. Multiple aspects of Marketing is how it should all work – especially in technology.

You really can’t have a PR Campaign without SEM and Social Media Marketing – it just doesn’t happen. That would be like the proverbial one-legged stool.

Why one lump them all together and have one company (who knows what the other hands are doing) handle it all?

Also, check out the Firecracker PR Blog for some regularly updated (very important to do that), insightful posts about everything PR related.

Connect with Firecracker here and see how they can help you, and how much you can save.