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Have you ever lost your phone to an accidental splash or dunk in liquid? Forgot it was in your pant pocket and ran in through the washer machine or dropped it in the toilet?

The days of losing all of your important information due to such instances are over.

Vapor Armor, Inc. of Johnstown, Pa is announced its mail-in service starting this month. The service is available for iPhones 4, 4s, 5 and the Kindle only; other devices are currently being tested.

“We have been asked over the past year when this service was going to be available and we are excited to finally be able to offer it to the consumer”, states Michael Rager CEO/Founder. Who also states that they are currently working with manufacturers to introduce this technology into the next generation of devices.

“We know people are amazed by the innovative technology and are willing to pay for the service, due to insurance companies not covering water damage”, states Rager. “We look forward to adding more devices to our list” states Rager.

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Vapor Armor Inc. of Johnstown Pa is changing the way we view water and electronics. Their ownership team possesses the proper mix of technical product and process expertise and entrepreneurial passion and enthusiasm characteristic of successful businesses.


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