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Video camera in action.

In order to find employment in a closed off industry such as entertainment, you need a specific skill set as well as the right connections. The good news is that you can get both of these needs met at film school. Unlike a generic liberal arts education, a film school that is dedicated to the discipline specifically will not waste your time with classes that have nothing to do with the profession that you are trying to break into.

A film school will also provide the best connections to working professionals that are already in the industry. These connections are essential to creating the goodwill necessary to get a job after graduation. No matter how much you know, every aspect of the entertainment industry is all about “who you know” as well.

The software that you must learn are only available at dedicated film schools. For instance, the Avid program is an industry standard that you will only learn how to use when you attend a school that uses the item every day in class. Do yourself a huge favor and invest in the best option for your time and your money: Attend a specific school for a specific skill set and you will more easily find employment after it is over.

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