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What’s your favorite One Direction song? If you’re anything like me, I couldn’t tell you.   I might have heard a song or two on the radio – I’ve heard the band referenced in the media somewhere. I couldn’t tell you how many band members there are, what kind of stuff they do, and certainly not the names of the members.

photoAll of the above questions can be easily answered though. It would even be as easy as asking SIRI, “Who is One Direction?” and she immediately (maybe with some inflection in her voice) pops up a heavily fangirl edited Wikipedia Entry for the “English-Irish pop boy band…”.

How often do you find yourself Googleing something, or hoping SIRI can answer the question you just threw at her in the hopes that you don’t look so out of touch in front of your children?

It used to be that when the question of your favorite band or favorite song was raised, either party may have broken out verse to familiarize the other (or not) with the song or singer. Now though, it’s all about iTunes, YouTube and Google. Instead of torturing you with my tone-deafness, I’m going to show you what I mean instead.

Recent studies have shown that 91% of American Adults have a Smart Phone. 28% of those are Android; 25% are Apple.  100% of them are capable of finding out about an English-Irish pop boy band.

It isn’t only parents and children who are turning to their mobile devices to connect. I don’t know about you, but I find myself turning to my phone (maybe even through my Martian Smart watch) to reference things that I can’t immediately figure out. Maybe it’s a face in a movie that I have to IMDB, the results of the Steelers game, what’s on my schedule, or simply even what the person I’m talking to is talking about!

Is it progress? is it evolution?

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