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Mobile advertising is advertising through mobile phones or other portable devices. Mobile advertising is an integral part of any advertising campaign, because it is gaining popularity very fast due to its wider and quick reach. On the other hand its potential to track the effectiveness of a campaign and everybody can become part of the campaign very easy. As the number of mobile users across the world continuously increasing day by day so, mobile media are expanding rapidly. Smart phones , apart from simple mobile phones based on Wimax and WiFi have also emerged as a popular means of sharing information via sending out social messages and promoting products.

The huge number of mobile and other handheld advertising platforms are available these days, and if it is about the marketing of a particular phone, no doubt android mobile phones have a large user base.  Android users not just making phone calls, they can downloading Apps, playing games, surfing the web and much more. Android phones provide interaction between phone and user in a simple and easy manner. In addition to this a businesses can send an advertising campaign to the Android platform and make positive change. A regular phone on non android based mobile phone may not display banners properly, as any android based mobile. The Android mobile phones are helpful for businesses looking to place flashy banners in their ad campaigns, because android can handle banner ads very well. Selection of any non-android  results in low click through impressions. The ads display advertising the business or brand through mobile phones reaches to maximum success, So it is imperative that the user must go for android. For the commercialization and development of the mobile internet mobile advertising is likely to emerge as the necessary driver. It is an important tool for monetizing mobile content and applications, on the other hand it is also very helpful in starching small and big business houses.

These days many mobile compatible sites are available for making and placing ads across mobile phones as easy as possible. One can start his campaigns by simply following a SignUp process. People who jump into the mobile advertising start with test campaigns just for understanding how powerful this way of advertisement is, but once they observe how effective and easy it is, they adopt this this marketing strategy for life time. In brief mobile plays an revolutionary part in the establishment of modern globe.

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