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The huge, somewhat ominous, looming figure of a very large, very yellow duck is finally here!

Is it staring at me? are those eyes following me?

A creation from the mind of Dutch Artist Florentijn Hofman, this rubber duck is one of several sculptures, in various sizes, that have been sighted around the World.

One of the ducks even holds the title of the largest rubber duck in the World!

The Pittsburgh Duck is making an appearance thanks to the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust as a part of the Pittsburgh International Festival of Firsts.

Florentijn’s idea was to spread joy and bring people together.   It’s working. Downtown Pittsburgh, last night was… well… brilliant!  There was a Pirates game and a really big duck party. The Downtown Pittsburgh was bustling, stores and restaurants were busy.

Thousands of people heading into the City to hang out with a duck.

Kudos to the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust – this is what Pittsburgh needs – keep up the great work Smile

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