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Minox Leica M2.1MP digital camera


The digital camera has made life more exciting and easier for people who enjoy documenting life’s special moments with photographs. With this more advanced device, one can click away as much as they like with a lot less effort. No need to adjust the focus manually, no more need for buying camera film and no need to wait for over an hour to print your photos. More importantly, printing digital pictures is a lot cheaper.


Aside from the personal benefits of a digital camera, like the ones you can buy at, using one is helping the environment as well. Experts agree that a digital type of camera plays a major role in preserving our environment unlike the bad effects that cameras using film had in the past.


Thankfully, using a digital camera means there is no more pollution from photo printing. With digital cameras, inkjet ink is used, and this means there is no way hazardous chemicals will pollute our water resources.


Another environmental benefit of the digital camera is the reduction in paper used. Most people taking photos save their images on a CD, DVD, on the computer and on social media. In most cases, there is no need to print pictures to keep in photo albums. People are sending photos through attachments on email directly from their computers. Because less paper is used, fewer trees are cut down and less fuel is needed to transport and produce paper.


Next, there is the issue of the batteries used in a digital camera. This is not a problem either because the trend has moved towards using rechargeable batteries. Because less alkaline batteries are being used, our landfills won’t have to worry about accommodating these in the near future.



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