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When you decide that it is time to pick out a new domain name, you have to make sure that it is a good one. This starts with using a name that really shows what your company is all about. You want it to contain keywords that relate to the business. This is helpful both for the people who are looking at your page and for the search engines that are being used to find it.

At the same time, you want something that does not look like spam. Some people will just throw a lot of keywords together, tack the word “store” on the end, and assume that it is going to work. This is not a good tactic. It may work from a search engine perspective, getting you toward the top of the list of results, but no one is going to click on the link in real life. It does not make your store look professional, which is what people want.

Some people have had success with URLs that do not contain any keywords, that just stand out. They look for a unique name for their company and then start pushing it and branding it so that people know what it is. This is good because it is memorable, but the problem can be that they will not know what you sell the first time that they see it. You want to find that middle ground, using something that is catchy and unique, but that also has keywords.

Carefully pick your domain hosting provider, too. Naturally, you need reliable service – not only so that you can access your domains whenever you want to, or need to – also to provide uptime for the domains to keep them live. Domain downtime can affect SEO and reputation.

Of course, the cost of your domains should go without saying.  “Cheap” can be just that. Look for service, support and inexpensive products.