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My wallet is over stuffed – not with money, but with plastic. Store loyalty cards, debit cards, credit cards etc.
I even have different cards for the same bank.

Echo would like to rethink how many cards we carry and put them all into one app/glass card.

It’s really quite an interesting concept – and one that I’d be all over, if it works correctly.

1) Store all your cards on the (free) mobile app by swiping them through a card reader that plugs into your SmartPhone.

2) All your cards are now stored in the app.  Send up to 3 cards at a time to Echo via Bluetooth.  Swipe new cards in/out of Echo as often as you’d like.

3) Select a preloaded card for Echo to mimic by tapping one of three touch sensors.  You can now use Echo as you would any card.

So, a Bluetooth card, that is made out of glass, and attaches to your SmartPhone.

It sounds good.  It works only with magnetic “swipe” type cards, using “dynamic stripe” technology.

It’s a technology that is still being perfects, apparently and the makers of Echo are hoping that it’ll be released sometime this year…. however, 2013 is very close to being over.

What do you think?

Learn more about the Echo here.