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Keeping a home efficient and secure is something every homeowner should do. Thankfully, it’s only getting easier to do this as time wears on and the market increases for the appropriate devices. HomeLink products from are a great example of an affordable set of solutions for linking all the different RF products in your home to a single remote, or even adding new ones. The following are just a few of the benefits that come from RF linking products in your home.

The most common example of an RF signal in most homes is the link between the garage door and the garage door opener. We can’t get along without these, and we can’t get along without them being secure. However, until recently, most of the universal solutions for these weren’t safe. There were a very limited number of frequencies, and "guessing" correctly was simple for an ambitious thief. Through HomeLink, however, it’s possible to have a centralized RF hub that will safely account for your garage door and more. It’s no longer a security necessary to separate and isolate all the different RF-sensitive items in your home to different remotes with unique frequencies.

Another common use for RF signals is in lights. Many have taken to having RF signal boxes for their lights because it makes it safer for them to approach their homes and businesses at night. With an RF remote linked to your lights, you can turn your lights inside and outside of a building on before you even approach. Turning them on from a distance allows you to see your route to the door cleanly, and prevents anyone from hiding along it to try to perform a mugging or anything else. It’s not an absolute defense and isn’t a replacement for a full security system, but it’s still a very simple addition that can keep a home and its residents more secure.

With a centralized unit, you can link all of these sorts of features to a single dedicated remote. There’s no juggling devices for your safety. With HomeLink, you can consolidate it all to a single device and have total control of your RF-linked items from just one remote that’s easy to program, easy to replace and easy to keep on you. It lets you be the master of your domain at a distance, and the technology is only improving as it grows more available.