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No matter how much technology we use and have, we always manage to still use a clipboard. Clipboards have been around since it seems like forever, but they have never changed. You have to push against that hard to move spring that will eventually break, or the clip bends and isn’t good anymore.  Jimmy John Design LLC out of Philadelphia PA has come up with the next evolution of the clipboard. Introducing the ClipBook.

The ClipBook removed the spring and hard to push metal clip and replaced it with magnets. Not only that, they have given you a front cover to keep your papers clean and wrinkle free. The ClipBook also gives you different ways to use it. One way is to have a cover and only flip the cover 2/3 of the way open if you only need to see the bottom part of your papers.  You can also flip the cover open over and have the top inch hold your paper like a traditional clipboard would, just using magnets.

The ClipBook started as a Kickstarter project, and after being successfully funded, have now got a website up and running where you can preorder your own. They have given you 6 different options to choose from including cloth, and premium faux leather.

One of the great things about the older metal and wood boards is on the metal clip you could clip your pen on to make sure it was always with you. The folds on the ClipBook also give you a place to keep your pen with you at all times.

Prices range from $29.95 to $34.95 for the cloth and $44.95 for the faux leather.

Overall the price is more than a traditional clip board, but with the ClipBook you no longer have the meta clip and spring to bend or rust. You get the ease of magnets to not only hold your papers secure, but also make it easy to remove the papers you want.

If this interests you, check out their website HERE