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If you’re a business with a website, or looking to start an online presence, take note. Customers care as much about the setup and aesthetics of your online site as they do your brick-and-mortar store, perhaps more. A poorly designed website can end up costing you customers. Here are a few things to consider when planning your business website:

Appealing Home Page
When a new customer lands on your home page, there are a few things that a well-designed page has to make it appealing:

  • Attractive Layout: The web page looks both professional and appealing.
  • Simplicity: The web page is easy to navigate, and even novice internet users can easily find what they’re looking for.
  • Easy Access To Help: The website has a good search or help function for those who aren’t sure what they need. Not everyone can navigate the self-explanatory.
  • Simple and attractive are things that can help any retail display, it’s no surprise to find that they work so well online as well.

Interactive Features
Whether you sell retail items online, or have an informational section of your website, interactive features can be very helpful for your clients. Here are a few different items that can go a long way in helping your business grow:

  • Pop-Outs: Whether text or a photo and description of an item for sale, pop-outs are a great way to give your clients extra, focused information.
  • Calculators: If you provide a service such as financial or tax planning, calculators are a great way to give extra information to potential clients. This not only makes your website a helpful location, it can give you more educated clients who have done the groundwork before contacting you.
  • Reviews: Having a way for your clients to review products and learn more about them makes you seem honest, and can result in fewer returns. This can also fill in extra information that clients had wished you’d included in the initial description.
  • Contact Area: Having a phone and email service attached to your website allows for instant customer service while browsing your site.

Finding Website Help

Not everyone is technical or brave enough to attempt a website themselves. Though there are some good DIY software programs, it often helps to work with a professional company like Solid Cactus. This allows you to speak with people who know what works best online for your kind of business. If you have an online commerce business, it also comes with someone to troubleshoot your site when there are glitches. Whatever path you take, remember that the simpler to use, the more people who will likely find it useful.