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True-Love-TesterA bra that magically unhooks when you’re in love? Would you wear it?

It’s an interesting notion, that’s for sure. A company Ravijour has developed “The True Love Tester” that’s supposed to do just this. It’s a front closing bra and has wires and sensors built into it. When in love, your body produces a chemical called catecholamine, which affects the autonomic nervous system, which in turn stimulates an increased heart rate. Upon detecting this through the sensors, the bra comes unclasped.

As intriguing a notion as this is, there seem to be some obvious flaws, or at least some unanswered questions.  The first one I had was “Ok, but how do I take it off?” I don’t want to put in a bra and unable to remove it until I just happen to find my Disney “one true love” person. Ew! So, there has to be some way for the wearer to override the sensors and remove the bra on her on, just for the sake of hygiene.

Then of course, what would stop her from doing that just because she found an attractive man to spend some quality time with?

On that note, how does it just respond to an increased heart rate in general? How would it KNOW the difference between a walk up a few stairs because of a lack of elevator, being startled from a practical joke (or a spider!), or just general excitement from some fun with some friends? I don’t know about you, but I would NOT enjoy being scared by a spider and then subsequently having my bra pop open!

When do you meet your “true love,” do you really want a bra popping open to reveal that for you? Or do you want to be able to tell him (or her) in your own way and your own time?

When you really get down to it, is it really a tester of TRUE LOVE at all or just a tester for full blown lust? And if it only tests for genuine sexual attraction, then….well, aren’t we back at square one?

I think it’s a fun idea and I would probably want to try one out for the sheer novelty of it (provided I KNEW I had a way to get it off!), but I think there are far too many unanswered questions at this time to say if it can truly be marketed true to its name. I guess we’ll wait and see how it turns out.

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