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Car audio

Car audio (Photo credits: Mercedes-Benz)

No matter how much you love your car, there are always things you can do to make it your own, not to mention improve the resale value. You may not be able to turn it into the next Fast and the Furious vehicle, but you can definitely add some fun touches here and there. Here are four things you can add to your car to improve it.

1. Backup Camera

Make your car safer and more tech-savvy with this nifty gadget that connects to a standalone GPS. It’ll project what’s behind you, making it easier than ever to back up or parallel park safely. Of course, this gadget goes with you if you sell the car, but then you can just add it to your new vehicle.

2. New Stereo System

A really good car sound system can add tremendous resale value. They can be expensive, but if you love cranking your tunes on the highway, you’ll get your money’s worth out of it.

3. New Slipcovers

It’s an easy way to make your car look nicer without breaking the bank. You can generally get new covers and matching floor mats for $100 or less, and they are a great way to customize your vehicle.

4. Heated Car Cushion

Get this luxurious add-on to drive in comfort all the time. It’s not too pricey to get a decent massage cushion with heat, and it can make all the difference on long road trips where your back’s liable to get sore and achy.

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