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The IT department of any business needs to incorporate the latest technology for networking. Workers should be able to access files easily without having to call for the help desk every time there is a need to search for documents and then edit them. A virtual private network is an example of a modern solution in the IT department of an office. Employees can enjoy wireless access to all documents that are processed and viewed in a given office. For example, paper faxes can be automatically scanned into a digital database and create virtual copies of important documents. Similarly, emails can be transferred into paper faxes.

Cloud service is another essential component of the networking system of a business. Clouds essentially store important documents and other content that is usually accessible only through a private local area network in a physical location. Cloud accounts can be activated to allow employees to access specific files from any location that has a reliable internet connection. Even public places that have unsecured WiFi service can be used to gain access to cloud accounts. Cloud servers eliminate the need to download files in order to edit them and then post them for other workers to view. Cloud services make it easy to edit documents online with special wizards and tools that eliminate the need for repetitive uploads and downloads of files. Mobile applications are now compatible with secure cloud servers that allow smartphone users to gain authorized access to secure digital documents and multimedia.