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PHOENIX (March 3, 2014) ?" ContattaTM, the visionary new company co-founded by Pat Sullivan of ACT! and SalesLogix acclaim, today released an infographic highlighting how North American businesses pay employees to simply read and write email at a cost of nearly $2 trillion annually.

The infographic reveals just how inefficient and time-consuming business email has become over the last 20 years, using statistics from the US Bureau of Labor, McKinsey Global Institute and the Radicati Group to showcase the ineffectiveness of the world?(tm)s most popular business tool, including:
On average, workers spend 13 hours of their workweek reading and answering email – that?(tm)s an estimated 637 hours annually.

Based on the median professional wage of $23 per hour, businesses pay over $15K per employee to use email ineffectively.

Collectively, employees spend nearly 75 billion hours in email, costing businesses nearly $2 trillion in salaries – that’s 14x the combined wealth of Bill Gates, Oprah and Warren Buffett.

Email hasn’t changed in twenty years. The infographic was designed by the team at Contatta to put into perspective how much time and money businesses spend in email every day. Only Contatta?(tm)s collaborative email combines business email with collaborative workspaces, shared contacts, tasks, and files. The end result is workers spend less time in their inbox and more time working together on things that grow their businesses.

Businesses can register to get in early and by doing so receive Contatta free for 60 days. Those who sign up now will also receive a free copy of “The 7 Must-Dos To Instantly Be More Efficient and Effective at Work."


About Contatta
Founded on the belief that efficient and effective should also be easy, Contatta?(tm)s collaborative email was created to help every business email user get more done in less time. Contatta is the business alternative to consumer email — simple, highly collaborative and built for the way we work today.

Located in Phoenix’s Silicon Desert, Contatta has already generated buzz among industry insiders and influencers in the business and technology community. Please join the conversation or on Facebook, LinkedIn and on Twitter @Contatta