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Ever feel like screaming out, “Please make my WiFi Faster!”? Me too – and about 4 billion others. That’s OK: there are several free tricks and tips you can utilize to make your wireless Internet signal speed faster. Everyone loves to stay connected now. We love to run our businesses, watch videos, play immersive games, and about a thousand other things, online. And we need the speed! WiFi speed, that is…


3 Free Ways to Increase Your Wireless Internet Speed:



  • Put your router in the optimal spot:
  • Routers are ranged electronic devices. That means that they transmit a localized signal, which is strongest at its source (the router itself). So, you need to think about the location of your router. So many people do it all wrong!


    • Do not place your router where you think it looks best or goes best with your decor. Do not locate your router where you think it is most show-offey for your guests. DO place your router where the majority of, or the most important of your electronic devices will be. If you are operating a home-based business, especially one based online, then you need to have that maximum wireless signal strength close at hand. Put the router in your office and let the rest of house have seconds. Or if your home is small enough, or designed efficiently enough, then place the router centrally to give every device a solid source of signal. Moral: Place your router correctly, with some forethought.


  • Use as many hard-wire connections as you can:
  • Here is a simple truth: the fewer devices feeding on a wireless network, the faster the network will deliver data to the devices that are feeding on it. Make sense? So, if you can hard wire as many devices as possible, directly into the Ethernet ports on the back of your router, then you will enhance the performance of those devices which are feeding on the wireless (WiFi) signal.
  • Get rid of all not-in-use wireless protocols:
  • This means that you need to make sure that your high-speed router isn’t connecting to older, obsolete wireless protocols. In essence, you want your router to be connecting to wireless signals which are followed, in order of speed, by the following letters: b, g, n and ac. You need to set your router to receive the most efficient (fast) wireless modes. So always go for the “b” signal, if possible.



There are several other methods for speeding up your WiFi signal, some of which require a bit of hacking skills. The thing to remember is that, if you feel you should be receiving better wireless Internet speeds, then there’s a good possibility that you can be. You just need to get a bit techy, and develop an understanding of how things work. You can definitely speed up your slow wireless signal. Just explore, keep learning; and you’ll be zooming through cyberspace in no time at all!


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