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The fastest and most efficient way to train your staff is to connect them to the Internet at home or at the office. Online training programs give you the power to determine where and when your employees complete their training.  They can complete their studies around their own work schedules from their desks, allowing you to offer convenient courses for your long-term employees. New employees, interns and assistants can complete more substantial training courses from any location that offers an Internet connection.

Programs like LearningZen make it faster and easier to design your own programs with whatever content you need to teach. This allows you to create courses around the needs of your business, and you have complete control over the length and format of every course created.

With this type of online program, your biggest concern is determining what material to include and how to structure your course. The following four questions will guide you through the planning process:What do you want employees to know at the completion of the overall course? Create a list of specific skills or types of knowledge that you want to teach through the course.

What are the highlights that employees should pick up at various stages of the course? This is similar to creating mini goals that lead naturally to larger goals you want to achieve. These highlights can become chapters or smaller segments within the overall course. They should all lead employees toward the list of skills and knowledge bases you listed in response to the first question.

How will you test each employee’s absorption of the information as they complete the coursework? For instance, you may require completion of a small quiz before an employee passes from one chapter or section to another. Alternatively, one larger quiz may fall at the end of a shorter course.Will certain features make your course easier to understand or faster to move through? For instance, you may include a lot of pictures and diagrams with text boxes or incorporate video clips. Audio files and creative textual examples may help employees understand the highlights within the overall course as well. Once you have the answers to these questions, you can start designing a comprehensive training course that is easily accessed through the Internet. Select your online platform wisely, and you will have a functional course up and running faster than expected.

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