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A portable power supply has many applications in construction and in the aeronautics industry. For example, construction workers on sites in which the power grid is not accessible may use them to power tools. To lessen the number of power cords and improve safety, portable power supply units are used on different floors and areas.

In the aeronautics industry, powering tools is one application for the unit. They are also used to charge aircraft batteries without long, heavy cords. This promotes safety on airfields and in production hangars. The supply unit is also useful for charging automobile batteries as well as providing power to a wide range of appliances.

One example of a popular unit is the 24 volt power supply. The batteries provide 78 ah, or ampere-hours at a 10- hour rate. This allows the user to plug in a wide variety of tools or appliances. Since a unit can weigh over 200 pounds, it is mounted on a trolley and pulled with a handle. Placing the handle in the upright position engages the brake, ensuring the safety of the user. When the unit needs to be recharged, a cord is plugged into a regular 110-volt outlet and in approximately two hours, the unit is ready for use again.

A weatherproof cover guarantees the unit and users are safe if inclement weather hits. The trolleys are made of heavy-duty steel and solid wheels for transportation ease.

Construction and aeronautics are not the only applications for power supply units. Campgrounds, RV parks and theme parks find them useful to charge depleted tow vehicle or motorhome batteries. This promotes customer loyalty and satisfaction, as the customers do not have to call mobile auto repair companies and wait. They are also found in the locomotive and motorsports industries as well. Construction workers, handymen and DIY’ers can also use them to power home appliances in the event of a power failure.

Power supply units are available through various online and in store merchants. Some merchants, such as, also offers units with lithium-ion batteries that have no memory and are easier to maintain than regular led acid models. There will always be a demand for high quality, dependable portable power supply units and the list of their potential applications continues to expand.