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shutterstock_174834713Second screen and companion apps for console game are increasingly becoming a part of gamer’s lives, and mobile devices are becoming more integrated into everyday gaming. About 38 percent of daily media interactions occur on smartphones, and that nearly a tenth of media interaction occurs on tablets, research published by Beenius shows. Game developers have recognized the role that mobile devices play in our everyday life and have developed some incredible apps to enhance the second screen experience. Here are some of the best companion apps for console games:

Titanfall Companion App

The Titanfall Companion app enables players to track their play statistics and study the lore of the Titanfall universe, as well as control an interactive mini map when they are playing the game on a console. The Intel section of the app is an expansive database of in-game lore, ranging from data about the factions and universe of Titanfall to 3D models of weapons, pilots, and Titans. The statistics section contains a comprehensive breakdown of your in-game statistics, while the Mini Map feature can be modified with filters that allow players to track the in-battle information that matters the most to them. Available for Android, iOS, WP8, and Windows 8, the Titanfall Companion App is a must have for any serious Titanfall fan.


The Rockstar-designed iFruit companion app for Grand Theft Auto V is just a chock-full of content as GTAV itself. The Los Santos Customs portion of the app links directly to your in-game garage and allows you to customize and design your perfect ride. Everything from the engine and tires to the paintjob and license plate can be customized directly from the iFruit app, giving you just as much customization control in-app as you receive in-game. The Chop the Dog portion of the app is a virtual pet that lets you raise and care for everyone’s favorite junkyard Rottweiler, Chop. The better care you take of Chop in the companion app, the more effective and helpful is to Franklin in the actual game. Available for iOS and Android devices, the iFruit app allows you to take Los Santos with your wherever you go.

Battlefield 4 Commander & Battlelog

One of the most satisfying second-screen apps is the Battlefield 4 Commander app for Android and iOS devices. Commander mode is Battlefield 4’s strategic and tactical game-mode that allows players to play the role of an off-site officer providing support and tactical information to his in-game squads. That means you can be a part of the Battlefield chaos from the comfort of a Galaxy S5 while sitting in bed or on the bust, and with built in VOIP technology you can communicate directly with your squads while providing supply and vehicle drops that can turn the tide of any battle. The Battlelog app is the social media companion to the Commander app, and allows both you and your friends stats, build in-game clans, and even design your own unique emblem for your character.

Watch_Dogs Companion: ctOS Mobile

Perhaps the most appropriate use of second screen technology in games, the Watch_Dogs Companion app feels like it has been ripped directly from the in-game world and deposited on your Android or iOS device. Mobile players can engage in challenges with both PC and console players where the mobile players take the role of Chicago police and attempt to thwart players as they race through the city in-game. The app itself is even free and doesn’t require a full game purchase, allowing outsiders to essentially create infinite in-game content for conosle and desktop players.