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shutterstock_179105093As mobile devices become more and more a part of our everyday lives, game developers are taking notice and creating apps that serve as companions to the gaming experience. Smartphones have reached an almost absurd saturation in the United States—Big Fish Games reports that mobile penetration in the American market has reached 101 percent, meaning that there is at least one phone for every American. Therefore, it seems only natural that game developers are creating their console and computer games with second screen capabilities in mind. Plus, it seems inevitable that future titles will integrate directly with smartphones.

Here’s a look at some of the best companion apps currently available.

Skyrim: Dragon Shout

Skyrim is one of the most successful gaming titles of the last decade, and the Dragon Shout companion app allows players to take the world of Tamriel with them everywhere. Dragon Shout allows players to access their in-game journal and place custom map markers for quests, items and various journal entries. Furthermore, Dragon Shout allows players to share these markers and journal entries with friends and other players via the integrated community function as well as search other players’ entries. With a realm as big as Skyrim, it’s invaluable to have the input and aid of other adventurers to help you find your way through the land of the Nords.

Since Bethesda hasn’t even mentioned developing a new game in the single-player Elder Scrolls experience yet, it’s safe to say that people will still be scaling the mountains and braving the depths of Skyrim’s dungeons for a long time to come.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Blag Flag Companion

Ubisoft’s official Assassin’s Creed IV app is more than just a mapping system. Included with the mapping features and lore database is the interactive minigame Kenway’s Fleet, which gives players direct access to the in-game trade fleet features. While the minigame can be played in-game, many of the tasks and events in Kenway’s Fleet take place over extended periods of time. So, having mobile access to your fleets as they cross the Atlantic to conquer trade routes and build your fortune means a more efficient and productive gameplay experience.

A fun bonus feature of the app is a lore collection regarding the various sea shanties that your crew sings in-game, which lets you learn the history of this unique aspect of the golden age of sailing. The Kenway’s Fleet minigame not only earns your in-game character gold, it’s also a truly enjoyable and fun game on its own.

Destiny: Destiny Companion App

Halo developer Bungie has made a distinct mark on the modern FPS market with their new title, Destiny. Like many companion apps, the Destiny app contains a wealth of in-game lore for players interested in learning more about the game’s universe as well as all the social and community features that are quickly becoming standard aspects of companion apps.

It is so much more, however. The Destiny app allows players to view their character, change out their current gear selection and even peruse in-game item vendors’ stock. This last feature is especially valuable considering the fact that stock is on a real-time rotation, meaning that the selection might change while you are nowhere near your console. Furthermore, the Destiny app allows players to see which game-wide bounties are currently active and research which regions in the game world are currently offering bonus item drops. For a unique FPS and MMORPG hybrid like Destiny, such information can give players an edge when it comes to surviving the harsh and inhospitable world.