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App-Tronics SEMA 2014

App-Tronics LLC, creators of The SmartNav 5  In-Car Radar Detector/GPS/Mobile Entertainment/DVR Drive Camera has just been awarded the Best Of Mobile Electronics at SEMA 2014. Beating out companies such as Escort, Whistler, Red Tail Telematics, GERMid, Crimestopper and many other mainstream manufacturers. With this award they bested their 2013 SEMA Show appearance where they won 2 2013 International Global Media Awards. With this award, App-Tronics has secured their place in Mainstream In-Car Aftermarket Electronics.

The SmartNav5 as you have seen us give a 5 Star Review HERE , is a replacement for your car’s factory rear view mirror that features a built in DVR  that saves video of your Drives on a removable microUSB card. This also tracks your drives via GPS location to show you on your computer where you are driving while replaying the video. Using updateable iGo GPS you can get directions to anywhere in the US with voice navigation and speed warning to make sure you don’t have to worry about tickets. Add on the optional wireless Radar and Laser Detector you are protected almost anywhere. Combine that with a back up camera, built in MP3 and Movie player, Powerful FM Transmitter, and Bluetooth Connectivity to connect your phone and make Wireless Phone Calls as well as stream music with A2DP. With all of these options, it’s no wonder App-Tronics LLC has come away with awards both years they have attended SEMA. Head over to and check out all the get devices they offer.