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We tend to lock everything up in the interested of safety and security. Sometimes we even double lock things just to be extra safe (i.e., deadbolt and knob). The downside to this security is that we have to add key after key to our key rings for each lock that we add. Some of us wind up with quite a lot and this means that shoving them in a pocket or even dropping them down into a purse can be bulky and even somewhat heavy.

This is where the KeySmart enters the picture. It helps take care of the additional bulk as well as a bit of the weight (because you remove all the extra rings). See the before and after pictures below for the difference.

When my KeySmart arrived (with additional extensions, if needed), I figured it would be fairly easy to assemble. The only tool needed was a flathead screwdriver or a coin to take it apart. I had to get the instructions online, but after reading and looking at the diagram, I prepared to make all my keys intelligent (that is how this works, right?).

It was actually more difficult than it looks. Each key isn’t necessarily the same width and you want to alternate the sides so that they fold in properly, so you have to figure out how many spacers to put on one side to equal the width of the key on the other side. The spacers are small and light so they were easy to drop or knock off the little post while working on the opposite side.

Once all the keys, spacers, and extensions are added, you have to make sure that the keys stack flush with the top of the post. My final spacer just kept getting knocked off when I would go to place the top piece on. I thought maybe this meant I didn’t need the spacer, but once I put the top on and checked, the keys didn’t fold out properly without it, so I tried again and got it to work.

I have to say that I really like my KeySmart. Granted, I cut down on the number of keys while I was sorting through them, but even just a few keys can be a little bulky in a pocket. I was even able to put my Giant Eagle card in the back (and just added spacers on the other side to create a new starting point for the keys) so that I didn’t have to add a key ring on the end for just that card. Many car keys are too large, but you can add it with ONE key ring onto the end, making it quick and easy to get into your car when you’re in a hurry.

I don’t worry about catching anything on my keys when rummaging around in my pockets or purse. I don’t have to pull them out to get them out of the way just so I can locate something else. They’re all together in one neat little stack. I am thinking about color coding the end of the keys so I don’t have to fold out multiples or count to find the one I need. I may be ordering another one soon just for all my work keys.

Hands On: KeySmart
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