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Let’s face it. When your network service provider offers you an upgrade or the flexibility to take someone else’s upgrade (e.g., Grandma’s on the family plan and doesn’t even know what an upgrade is), you almost always take it. And with the world of technology constantly innovating products and service carriers not-so-coincidentally putting on promotions simultaneously when they enter the market, it’s okay to go along with the ride and not feel guilty leaving behind that iPhone 5. Here are five ways to repurpose a used tablet or smartphone and prevent it from entering retirement.


  1. Dedicated Gaming Device

Gameboys are things of the past. Get with it and make a perfectly functioning older generation tablet your go-to, dedicated mobile game console. Many Android-operated mobile devices are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon. These powerhouse graphics processing units are ideal for highly immersive gaming experiences because they produce the sharpest visuals, project the clearest sounds, and stream at lightening speed to meet the demands of complex gaming commands and often-required fast internet/Wi-Fi connection. With so much variety in mobile games nowadays, who isn’t a gamer? A used tablet turned sole-purposed gaming device makes it easy and simple to download anything and everything you want because there is only one goal for the gadget, and that’s to get your game on.


  1. Monitor

An old smartphone works very well as a monitor. All you need is to install an app that enables video surveillance—which come plenty in the mobile app store. Once the app is set up and device is set in place, it can serve as a monitor in multiple arenas. Household security is a big concern and instead of going the expensive route of installing a fancy security system, a used mobile device does the trick, working just as well, if not better since applications allow for real-time monitoring through your own (newer) phone. Baby monitoring is also atop the list of must-haves. Place that old phone in crib’s view and parents and babies are put at ease.


  1. Kids Tablet

If you’re one that believes it’s slightly absurd how kids get to play with gadgets worth hundreds of dollars at leisure and at the same time live in fear of them dropping and slobbering all over said devices, designate your old tablet as your Kid’s tablet. Kids can watch their favorite Wiggles episode on YouTube, play educational games, or even FaceTime the grandparents and you stay worry-free because you’ve accepted that mobile technology for kids is both a curse and a blessing.


  1. Back-Up Hard Drive

Mobile smart phones act as an ideal hard drive when not used as the main device. They can hold a substantial amount of storage and furthermore, the battery life of most smart devices these days is exceptionally sufficient for the purposes of a hard drive. You can save all pictures, music and files to the phone instead of going out and buying a separate hard drive, which really does become obsolete if you do have an unused device in reach.


  1. Donate It

Not everyone has the means of owning a smartphone, and if you understand this and are feeling like a good, fellow human being, try donating a used mobile device. Slews of non-profits welcome old phones/tablets and give them to someone in need. For instance, Cell Phones for Soldiers is an organization that sends old phones and equips them with free international calling for service troops overseas to call loved ones. So step out of the materialistic world and get in touch with your philanthropic side by making the donation.

There are so many ways to repurpose that old mobile device. The aforementioned are just a few. Get creative and be resourceful by making something out of well, a good something.