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Social media is a crucial part of event marketing. It can be used effectively to promote your event as well as to raise awareness about your brand. In fact, 40% of businesses use social media for event marketing.

This infographic by Lakeshore Convention Centre in Ontario, Canada, looks at how you can leverage social media for your next event. From creating an event on Facebook to crafting a unique hashtag and developing content around the event to share on social media networks, there are endless ways to effectively promote your event through social media. This infographic also offers many tips from social media/PR experts. For example, Amir Zonozi, Chief Strategy Officer at Zoomph says “Today, it’s just a given that the good events will have an event hashtag. But the best, most successful events use visual displays that stream the live social media content surrounding the event hashtag.”

To find out more about how you can leverage social media for your next event, check out the infographic below.

How You Can leverage Social Media for Your Next Event