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As we get busier and busier in our adult lives, it gets harder to find the time to many tasks, such as getting new glasses, without a loss of pay from missing work to go do just that. Because of this, companies are finding more ways to make such products available online, so that you can order from the convenience of your home and you’re not limited to normal business hours.

One such site is While this does not allow you to skip going to an eye doctor (because you do require your prescription), it does save you the additional time of browsing their shop (which sometimes has completely different hours) to pick out the perfect frames.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 12.08.41 PM            Once you get your prescription from your eye doctor, the first step is, of course, the most basic one for all merchandizing sites: create your account. At this point, you can also sign up for a newsletter, though it is optional.

Then your search begins! You can filter your search based upon categories, materials, frame shape, frame style, Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 12.08.26 PMlens type, and frame size. I always have trouble with glasses being rather big, so I focused on frame size and I thought this was probably the best starting point for anyone. If you already wear glasses and you like that general size, you just measure the width of them and select the one that suits you. This automatically will save you the time of “Oh! I like those! Wait…they’re too big/small. Oh, well….”

Once you find a pair you think you like, you can open it up to get further detail. You get the full dimensions, color options, and the basic description. Additionally, this is where they list which options automatically come with Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 12.11.46 PMyour glasses such as the UV coating.

The site has an option to “try on” your glasses before purchase. This isn’t incredibly accurate since you are zooming your picture to fit the frames, but it gives you a pretty basic idea since the bridge and sides should at least line up when you adjust the size of your picture.

After you select your frames, you enter in your prescription information and the additional options will open up for you. You will also select your PD (pupillary distance) which allows the lab to know where the “center” of the lens actually needs to fall to fit your face with these frames. If you don’t know your PD, you can measure it yourself with the instructions provided or you can simply request that your eye doctor show you where that is listed on your prescription. Other options include features such as the lens thickness, sun-darkening, tints, and protective coatings. Each option has the additional pricing so you can decide which choices best suit your budget as well as your needs.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 12.12.31 PM            The process was incredibly simple. I had a couple questions here and there, but their FAQs page is wonderfully detailed to walk you through any stage you have questions and you can always contact them if you do not find the answer. Their response time is faster than I expected it to be, usually within 24 hours.

Their customer service goes even beyond this. The lab had a question about my order and so they called me. I was at work and unable to answer, but rather than simply leaving the voicemail, they also immediately followed up with an email to inquire about the information they needed, allowing me both contact options. I was able to respond to my email while at work so I answered their questions and they finished processing my order that same day.

The glasses themselves were good quality. The pricing was low enough that I was surprised by the quality. However, if you get metal frames, you will need to adjust them yourself (they do have instructions for that) or go to a shop to allow them to adjust them for you. Most places will do this service for free once they explain to you that they are adjusting them at your risk and their store is not liable for damage if they break during the adjustment.

I would definitely recommend this as a way to purchase your glasses and save you the in-store hassle. If you’re not comfortable getting your primary glasses without trying them on, the prices are low enough to buy a backup pair (perfect when you’re a bit accident prone) without emptying out your bank account.