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Technology is making it easier and easier for the jet set to well, be jet set. From portables and helpful applications to providing a way to cherish the memories, it’s there for all your travel needs. Here are some top technology tips and tricks for your next adventure.


  1. Ditch the Laptop

And travel lighter (and smarter) with a smaller mobile device instead. The Galaxy Note 4 is a good option because its size lies between a smart phone and a tablet at 5.7 inches—the perfect median. Additionally, it holds a powerful processor and a superior camera both on the front-facing end and the back so you know it’s reliable whether it’s running a mobile game while on the road or taking thousands of pictures during your trip. Furthermore, for those exploring on a budget, T-Mobile is one of the best carriers to pair with the Note 4 since it provides free 4G LTE for tablets and phablets—ideal for the always on-the-go traveler in need of service.


  1. Selfie Sticks Are In

Especially when you often won’t have someone around to capture the glorious moments you experience en route. Try the PolarPro PowerPole. It partners well with a GoPro, and has a 5200 mAh battery built into the grip so you can snap away as you adventure on. There’s a bonus too! The extension pole also houses a dual USB port so it can simultaneously charge your other gadgets—multi-useful for the multi-tasking explorer!


  1. Power Up

Although many travelers try to go off the grid, it’s still advisable to stay on the safer side by packing a power card. The Wallet Titan not only stores portable power in the size of a credit card, but also could save your life should you need your phone while lost in transit or seeking help. With the power charger, you can still turn off your electronics when you like, but it will remain a solid backup to charge your means of communication once the time comes to get back to civilization.


  1. Get a Map App

Or get lost. Google Maps is a go-to application you can download to map your way around. It’s very beneficial in areas that utilize public transit as their main source of transportation because it provides exact routes, trains and buses to take along with real-time schedules.


  1. Find a Translator

That translator can now come in the form of a gadget. Sigmo is a portable, voice-translating device that can translate 25 different languages instantaneously. It can prove to be an invaluable sidekick when you are out and about in a foreign city or country trying to get over the language barrier.


  1. Adapt with an Adapter

For those who travel to different countries, having a power outlet adapter is crucial. If you didn’t know already, not all outlets are made the same—this particularly pertains to other countries outside of your own. So take this information and take action by packing a power outlet adapter. The Skross World Travel Adaptor is a great bang for your buck. It’s super compact and makes power compatible with 150 countries worldwide.


  1. Use Technology to Stay in Touch

Whether it’s downloading a free messaging app like WeChat, Skyping, or sharing your adventures with your friends and family on Instagram, try to use the innovative technology available today to your advantage when you travel. You’ll not only find it extremely important in terms of communicating with the people you meet on your travels along with travel buddies, but also it’s a way to keep in touch with those who can’t reach you as easily and want to know how you’re doing. Staying in touch through technology is a great way to share and store this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Now that you know a few ways to be better on the go, go on and get out there to explore. Technology will not only optimize your travel efficiencies but it will amplify the experience and make it count!