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Best Luxury Car Features for the Ultimate Road TripRoad trips take you down forgotten and unknown roads. Explore the beautiful coastlines of the West Coast, the quaint towns of the East Coast, the food, music, and culture of the South, and the rugged beauty of the northern trail. While there’s much to see while on a road trip adventure, why not enjoy them in style with these high tech, luxury car features that will make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Crash Avoidance

The No. 1 safety concern while on the road is other drivers. You never know the quality of drivers around you. All it takes to cause a major accident is for one driver not to check his or her blind spot while on the freeway. When you spend hours behind the wheel it’s difficult to maintain focus. That’s why new technology has been developed to minimize the risk of automobile crashes. Crash avoidance technology utilizes sensors that monitor the distance between you and the car in front of you. If the car in front of you breaks and you don’t see the sensors recognize the lack of deceleration in your car and will apply the breaks for you.

Another crash avoidance technology is a camera positioned near or on the rear view mirror that monitors your lane position. If your car nears the line that separates lanes without you engaging your turn signal an alarm will sound which alerts the driver. While both these technologies are new, keep an eye on these features in the future, as they will become more comprehensive and available.


While GPS has become standard in many high end cars, it’s also one of the most useful tools in your road trip arsenal. While many smartphones can be used for directions in major cities, built in car GPS links with satellites that have wider ranges than smartphones and built in maps that don’t need wireless data in order to function.

While on a road trip, you’ll likely find yourself in new states that may have different traffic laws than in your home state. Make sure you’re familiar with the rules of the road in the states you plan to visit so you don’t have your road trip ruined by costly traffic citations.

Self Park

Parking can be stressful, and in an unfamiliar city the process can be made even more a hassle. But with an advanced parking guidance system your car will park itself if you’re forced to parallel park. Just pull ahead of the spot and line up with the car ahead of it, which is indicated with crosshairs on the navigation display. Then engaged the self park feature. Once the system is engaged the computer takes control of steering, though the driver maintains control of the acceleration and breaks.

While many high tech features can make your road trip more enjoyable, comfortable, and safer, none of these features should ever be a substitute for a well prepared road safety kit equipped with road flares, spare tire, jumper cables, and a jack. In your road safety kit also include water, extra oil, and antifreeze, as you never know where your road trip will take you.