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o-SLEEP-MISTAKES-facebookSleep is becoming increasingly in the spotlight these days. Lack of sleep, according to the US Center for Disease Control is a public health epidemic. Sleep deprivation is thought to cost the US economy an estimated $63 billion every year. It’s also responsible for thousands of deaths through drowsy driving, industrial accidents, and increased risk for a host of chronic diseases.

Thankfully, there’s lots of technology that can help you get a better night’s rest. Here’s a rundown of some of the best and most popular smartphone apps that will have you sleeping like a baby.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle has been around for a long time and is one of the better known sleep apps. At its heart it’s a sleep tracking app, measuring your movement at night to monitor how long you’ve been asleep. The smart alarm function can be set to wake you in your lightest sleep phase so you don’t feel groggy in the morning. You can then view the data that you’ve gathered to detect any long term trends in your sleep habits that might need fixing.

Free/Premium – iOS/Android


Sleep Genius

Sleep Genius is based on science that was developed to help NASA astronauts get to sleep. As well as sleep monitoring it provides programs to support power napping and relaxation. It’s Revive Cycle Alarm uses scientifically designed algorithms to help you wake to soothing sounds, and not jolt you out of bed. Over time, the programs are designed that your brain will remember the patterns enabling you to wake up better by yourself. In-app purchases unlock premium features such as bonus music and sound tracks.

Free/Premium – iOS/Android



Pillow is an easy to use and beautifully designed sleep monitor and smart alarm. You have the option to choose between Pillow sets itself apart with its striking visuals and UI. The app also integrates with Apple Health, the iOS platform that can gather all of your health data in one place, giving you insights from all of your health related iOS apps. Pillow also features sound recording. If you enable this feature, the app can automatically record any noises it senses during the night. This can be useful if you’re trying to find out about behaviours like snoring or sleep-talking.

Free/Premium – iOS only


Sleep As Android

Sleep As Android is the most popular sleep tracking app for Android users. It’s well polished interface features all the usual features like sleep tracking, intelligent alarm to wake you in your lightest sleep cycle and recording functions. The premium version of the app has a nifty feature where the alarm will only stop if you perform a ‘wake-up challenge’ such as shaking the phone, or scanning a QR you’ve previously printed out. Sleep As Android also works with Android smartwatches like Android Wear devices and Pebble, so you don’t have to keep your phone in bed with you.

Free/Premium – Android only


White Noise

White Noise is designed to help you if you have trouble falling asleep. This app is the software version of dedicated white noise generators. Essentially this app plays white noise-type sounds to ‘mask’ any other sounds in your sleep environment which may be preventing you from getting to sleep. As well as the typical ‘radio static’ white noise, you can also choose other sounds including pink and brown noise, or using the built in sound mixer, blend up to five different others, creating your very own white noise sleep soundscape

Free/Premium – iOS/Android


Relax and Sleep Well

Relax and Sleep Well has sold over 2 million copies and was awarded the best insomnia app in 2015. It uses guided meditation and hypnosis tracks to lull your mind and body to sleep. Created by hypnotherapist Glenn Harold, the app can also be used for different objectives including self-esteem, weight loss and lucid dreaming. There are over 70 built-in tracks and additional tracks are available through in-app purchases.


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