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There are many aspects to a marketing campaign that companies need to get right if it is to succeed. The message needs to resonate with customers and, just as importantly, it needs to be communicated to them in the right way. It is essential to think about the message you’re trying to get across and the response that you hope to elicit from your customer base.

A large part of that comes down to sheer demographics. If your target audience is predominantly teenagers and young adults, they are far more likely to interact with text and in-app promotions than email. Also, SMS has the benefit of reaching its target audience straight away, whereas emails can go unread for hours, and the human tendency is to respond immediately to text messages but only reply to emails when they get a window of opportunity to do so.

This infographic from Neon SMS looks at SMS, apps and email as customer engagement options and outlines the main advantages and disadvantages of each. There isn’t strictly a better or worse option; it is fully dependent on the message you’re trying to communicate and what response you’re seeking to get from your target audience.