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1.1% Can speak Scottish Gaelic

Figures published in Scotland’s Census 2011 show that 1.1% (58,000) of the population were able to speak Scottish Gaelic, a slight fall from 1.2% in 2011.

Northern Ireland

5.6% Can speak Irish

According to the results of the Northern Ireland Census 2011, 10.6% (184,900) of the population claimed to have some ability in Irish and 5.6% (97,680) said they could speak it. 93% of those were Catholic and 7% were Protestant

Isle of Man

2.1% Can speak Manx

In the Isle of Man Census 2011, 2.3% (1,820) of the population claimed to have knowledge of Manx and 2.1% (1,660) said they could speak it.


41.4% Can speak Irish

In the Census of Ireland 2011, 41.4% (1.78m) of the respondents said they could speak Irish and 14% (613,200) used it daily.  4.4% (187,830) used Irish outside of the education system on a daily basis.  The total number of Irish speakers increased by 7% between 2006 and 2011.