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Anyone who has ever taken on a home renovation project, or who is in the middle of one currently, will know that while the end result is a joy to behold, getting there is a journey not without its roadblocks.

How is each task progressing? Have I taken all the right measurements? Do I have the budget in place for the designs that I want?

The good news is that these dilemmas have been recognized by the creators of a number of apps designed to help with home renovation. As with all categories, some are considerably better than others, so Australian home improvements retailer has done the legwork for you and produced a shortlist of the best apps for home renovation in this handy infographic.

Let’s say, for example, that you have your mind set on remodeling your home but you’re hitting a brick wall in terms of inspiration. All you need to do is download apps such as Houzz and Zillow Digs and you’ll soon be spoiled for choice when it comes to inspiring ideas.

For those of you who know what they want and are trying to focus on the specifics of trying to get it, a calculation and conversion app like Home Improvement Calcs is exactly what you need. This app will help you to work out exactly what you’ll require for items such as timber, bricks, concrete, and tiles. It also comes with easy conversions such as fractions to decimals so that you can see the results in whatever format you wish.

To see more apps that are perfect for home renovation planners or DIY enthusiasts, take a look at the infographic below.

HP IG v2 May Home Apps