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How-to-Soundproof-a-Door-1024x683Whether you live in the city or in the heart of the country, you know that noises from the outside world can wreak havoc on your night. Birds chirping from the roof, neighbors shouting at each other and cars on the road can all interfere with your ability to relax, watch television or even spend time with your family. With some new products and methods, you can soundproof your home in a fraction of the time you expected and enjoy peace and quiet again.

Cover Your Windows

Most of the noise that you hear comes from your windows. New vinyl or wood windows will do a great job of reducing those sounds, but if you can’t afford new windows, you can use heavy drapery that sits almost flush against the glass. Isolation dampers are another good option. These dampers seal the windows shut to keep air inside your home but also do a good job of dampening some of the sounds that you hear. Using a window film kit that seals the glass may also help reduce some of those sounds.

Change the Floors

Soundproofing your home can also help reduce some of the sounds that come from your home and interfere with your neighbors’ lives. A simple way that you can soundproof your home is with the use of some new flooring. Tile and hardwood are among the worst flooring materials in regards to noise because those hard surfaces amplify every step you take and every noise you make. Carpeting is a better alternative. If you don’t want to replace all the flooring in your home, you can use area rugs instead. These thick rugs absorb those sounds and keep noises from escaping your home.

Install a Fence

While installing a fence may not be an adequate solution for those who live in major cities, it’s a good option for those who live in the suburbs and in more rural communities. A privacy fence made from a type of thick and sturdy hardwood will make your home quieter than ever before. You’ll love sitting outside, throwing parties in your yard and just relaxing without worrying about hearing your neighbors while outside. The thicker and taller the fence is, the more it will act as a soundproof barrier between your home and other homes. Covering your windows, changing your floors and installing a fence are just a few ways you can soundproof your home.