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Amazon Prime Audible Free 90 day trialI’ll be the first to admit that I don’t read nearly enough.  Well, when I say “not enough”, I actually mean “not at all”.
It’s not like I don’t have access to a library or a bookstore. Of course, I have the internet.
Reading just seems so…. meh of late.  I find myself believing that I don’t have the time to read, or when I pick up a book I fall asleep.  I just can’t get a good read in.

I’ve seen audiobooks around for years but didn’t take a particular interest.   It was the fact that my Amazon Echo and Echo Dot can read books to me that really piqued my interest.

Sure, why not?  Have my devices read to me while I do stuff around the house?

That’s how it started at least.
After a little research and asking my Social Media friends, I opted to try the free 90 day Audible Trial that I have access to through my Amazon Prime membership.
Audible is an Amazon company.  Currently 180,000 books on file.   Just less than $15 per month. Screenshot 2016-07-17 20.38.10

While $15 per month may seem a little steep, consider that the subscription includes one free audiobook per month.  Most books hover around the $20 price range – so you’ll make your money back each month easily.
So, use your monthly credit wisely.
The subscription price is what a lot of users grimace about.

I drive quite a lot.   I’ve been listening and laughing away to Terry Pratchett books in my car.   I managed to get through the 10+ hour Raising Steam in less than a week!
It was easy.   Use the app on my iPhone, download the book (instead of streaming it), and play it as you will.
What’s nice is that (usually), where I stop the reading in the car or on my Echo, the other will quite magically pick up where I left off when I start it again.   It’s great!

I’m sure some readers are better than others.  I’ve poked around the site and not found a bad one yet.

Daily deals drop some books prices to less than $5.

In the Audible app, it shows you when you’ve been listening and for how long. Keep listening and raise your listening level and earn yourself some badges.

*Important * – You own your audiobooks.  Cancel your membership? you still have access to your previously purchased audiobooks – you’re free to download and listen to them as you will.

You have an Amazon Prime account, right? (who doesn’t?).   Get the most out of it.
Click here to sign up for a free 90 day trial.

There’s much more to know about Audible.   Check out and learn more.
Let me know what you like to listen to.