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NEW YORK – Verizon today announced PopData – a new time-based 4G LTE data option that works on the nation’s best network to give you even more options and control of your wireless plan. Beginning October 13, you can choose PopData from the new My Verizon app to enjoy 30-minute and 60-minute all-you-can-stream 4G LTE data sessions – all on the most-awarded wireless network in history.

When your friend is running late or the kids are in the car for a long ride, simply stream a show with PopData.  Before you travel, download a movie using PopData so you can watch it on the plane. With PopData, download music, movies and more – all without using your plan’s data allowance.

“When we introduced the new Verizon Plan and the new My Verizon app this summer, you got complete control over your wireless experience. With PopData, you now have another choice in how you can experience the network,” said Rob Miller, vice president of consumer pricing for Verizon. “With PopData, you no longer need to off-load data-intensive activities to Wi-Fi. PopData gives you an easy way to stay secure using our lightning-fast 4G LTE network – all without impacting your plan’s data allowance.”

PopData utilizes new network technology that monitors network capacity. When Verizon’s 4G LTE network has untapped capacity, customers will see the PopData option in the new My Verizon app. PopData sessions are $2 for a 30-minute session and $3 for a 60-minute session and give you all-you-can-stream 4G LTE data.

“Not only will PopData serve as a more secure option than Wi-Fi, but it’s another choice for customers who use their new Verizon plan’s data allowance and enter Safety Mode,” said Miller. “PopData provides 30 or 60 minute 4G LTE data sessions at a significantly lower cost than purchasing additional data with Data Boost.”

PopData is available on 4G LTE smartphones and iPad tablets for customers on the new Verizon Plan who have downloaded the new My Verizon app. PopData only applies if network capacity is available; there is no limit to the number of sessions a customer can purchase. Android tablets are not yet compatible.