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More people are viewing television shows and movies by digital means than ever before. Streaming is the way that consumers, particularly younger consumers, are getting their content fix. A select number of subscription-video-on-demand services, (or SVOD services) stream television shows, movies, cartoons and even documentaries to a highly engaged audience.

SVOD services are expected to continue to rise as the digital TV and video sector is predicted to attain $42 billion in global revenue by the year 2020. More than one in two consumers say they watch streamed and on-demand video content every day, such is the demand.

The top three mainstream SVOD players are Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, although Hulu has little service outside the United States. Netflix is considered the number one choice largely due to its high profile originals. These include Emmy award winning dramas ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Orange is the New Black’.

Have a look at this infographic produced by Frame Your TV for more details.