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The growth of e-commerce and mobile commerce have radically changed the way retailers reach their customers. Their development has resulted in faster and easier purchasing for consumers. Shoppers can now purchase items on the go and can avoid the difficulties associated with going into a physical store.

E-commerce is now a mainstream method of purchasing goods which has caused many people to grow familiarized with the simplicity of online shopping. Many people do not care about the physical benefits of traditional retail. With shoppers looking for alternatives to bricks and mortar retail, the development of new technologies to allow for a balance of both online and offline retail is imperative.

Integrating digital technologies with in-store operations allows retailers to make up for the in store sales that have been lost to online shopping platforms. The retail sector is a competitive industry, so it’s therefore essential that retailers become digitally savvy if they want to continue to prosper. The infographic below from Store Traffic details everything we need to know about how the internet is revolutionizing offline retail. To learn more, let’s take a look!

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